Founder, Jae Seo, has been an accomplished artist since her early teens and mastered the highly advanced Anime line art technique. It was through her mastery of line art that she was able to develop her ground-breaking SuperNatural 3D Organic Microblading technique. This free-form technique is completely unique to J Microblading and creates the most natural looking eyebrows.

In addition to these ground-breaking techniques, Jae has over two decades of art color theory study which allows her to create color shading and pigmentation that are incredibly natural and superior in quality. She is also a master in advanced cosmetic reconstruction pigmentation using her unique techniques and color knowledge.


** Jae personally conducts Beginning, Advanced and Master Brow Boss training courses for Organic 3D Microblading. The Courses are available as Class or One-on-One Private training. See our Courses section for more detail and pricing.