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Day 1 - the basics, Line Art Theory

Sterilization and Sanitation
Skin Structure and Microblading
Line Art Theory : Direction WeighT

Basic Line Practice

Face Canvas Theory

Face Shapes

Face Shapes Practice

Eyebrow Shape and Anatomy

Organic Eyebrow Drawing Practice

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Day 2 - introduction to color theory, SKIN TONE AND UNDER TONES 

The Color Wheel
Color Theory Definitions
Tints, Tones & Shades

Skin Tone and Under Tones :
The Fitzpatrick Scale
How to Use a Microblade Pen

Microblade Practice on Artificial Skin


Day 3 - Microblading, Pigments & practice

Biotouch Color Chart & Pigment Blending
How to Use Pigment Colors for Natural Shading Effects

Half Day Microblading Practice on Artificial Skin with Pigments

Graduation Ceremony

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Microblading Model Day (Optional Day 4)  $250, $450 Two models

After completion of your course, select the optional Model Day to practice on a live model(s).*

 Jae will closely supervises your microblading on the model to ensure it is done correctly.

*If student cannot provide model(s), Jmb models will be $200 per model.