Step 1 - Prepare

The first step is to numb your eyebrow area, This will take about 25-30 min, and we always have fun conversations during this time! This is the perfect time to show us any inspirational images for your eyebrows.

Step 2 - Drawing

Once the numbing is complete, we will draw an outline of your new eyebrows based on your desired look and our organic natural eyebrow artistry.




Using the highest quality microblades from Japan, we will carefully start creating natural looking hair strokes using our exclusive Organic Microblading technique.

Step 4 - Color setting

Using the finest pigments, we blend the perfect, most natural shade for your skin tone and hair color.  We repeat steps 3 & 4 several times to create your new perfect eyebrows!

color setting


Step 5 - touch up

After you're done, we want to make sure that you're loving your new eyebrows. Approximately 4-6 weeks after your initial visit, make your touch up appointment. We will adjust shape, color, and hair strokes to complete your "Perfect For Me" eyebrows.

Unlike many studios, the Touch Up at Jmb is included in the Price!

Happy Organic Microblading :-)