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What is Microblading? 

Microblading first became prominent in Asia and has recently spread throughout the world as a superior semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement procedure. It is important to note that 3D, 6D and other “marketing slogans” are basically very similar techniques with minor variations in application and depth of stroke. Almost all microblading technicians are trained to use a set formula and pattern for the eyebrow, resulting in “copycat” eyebrows regardless of the face shape, skin tone, and unique facial features.


Why is Organic Microblading Superior? 

Organic Microblading is truly an art. Each face is treated as a unique “canvas”, creating a new eyebrow design, shape and hair-stroke for each client. The results are extraordinary and creates the most natural looking eyebrows possible! 

Organic Microblading takes extreme skill and artistry using freeform designs, varying stroke depth, and advanced pigmentation and shading to duplicate natural looking hair. When you look at a normal microblading technique you see a distinct “groomed” pattern for the hair strokes. This causes the eyebrow to definitely look unnatural when viewed up close. Organic Microblading eyebrows look like they were always a “real” part of you.